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Thumbs up or Thumbs down for Carluccio's

This was a gift for which I am truly thankful.

Over the weekend I enjoyed a Carluccio breakfast, jolly good it was and reasonably priced too.

So, this morning I had a coffee and bite to eat. 

Whilst waiting for my friend to arrive, I noticed one of the staff cleaning the tables. Now most normal people wouldn't bat an eyelid but I have become obsessed with how people clean tables in restaurants. There are several options, all of which I have seen at various places:

1. The Sweep = everything swept onto the floor by the hand
2. The Clean Sweep = everything swept onto the floor by a cloth
3. The Blow = everything blown onto the floor (yes really!)
4. Wax on, wax off = only the edge of the table cleaned - middle totally missed

I am sure there are more and of course I will tenaciously study all the eateries I visit to build up a global definition.

Meanwhile, the tables at Carluccio’s were getting option 4 only. They knocked the petrie dish shaped salt thing that contained what looked like crystal meth but I am assured is salt, and a few salt crystals spilled onto the table.

If I was to ask you to pull a face that looked like a mix of puzzled, frustrated, confused and irritated, many would struggle but the gurning girl did a great job. Clearly torn about what to do, the light bulb that was clearly visible over her head beamed into life like a Batman beacon.

She leant forward, pressed down hard on the salt with her thumb, lifted it and then scraped the salt back into the salt dish.

I had pepper.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

The point of the post? Everything is visible, everything is audible - from a customer point of view.