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The sharing economy is exploding!

The sharing economy is exploding!

Today a new report about the incredible growth of the sharing economy came out, called ‘Sharing is the new Buying’ and gives a really good insight into the industry and the latest developments. 

A fact that struck us, is that buyers in the collaborative economy tend to be overwhelmingly positive about their sharing experience: “91% of sharers would recommend the last sharing service they used to a friend or a colleague.”  

When asked about their latest sharing transaction, three quarters of buyers were ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ satisfied with a) product or service received b) the experience of using a sharing service c) customer service. 

This Fast Company article provides a good summary of the report, ending with a thought stimulating quote by the report’s author Jeremiah Owyang: "In the radical future, we may not be able to tell the difference between an employee and a customer, the most successful companies will let the crowd determine products, design, and share them. The crowd is doing most of the work. The only thing that could be left would be the logo."