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Introduction TMI-Spy Hotels & Leisure Summer 2015

Introduction TMI-Spy Hotels & Leisure Summer 2015

A recent study has shown that at nearly US$2.4 trillion in 2014, travel and tourism is larger than the chemicals manufacturing and automotive manufacturing sectors. What’s more The Oxford Economics global industry model projects the travel and tourism direct industry GDP will grow 3.9% per annum (compound annual growth) over the next decade. This is greater growth than forecasted for every sector studied in the research apart from retail.

No wonder then that the hotels and leisure industry is becoming a hotbed for innovation and new approaches in customer experiences, many of which we share with you here. From the sharing economy to new technology, we bring you the trends that are shaping and disrupting the sector. With your industry in such great shape savour the vast opportunities you have to differentiate your own customer experience. We hope this trendsletter provides you with some inspiration to do that.

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