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Star Ginns

Office & Project Support

Star Ginns

My Experience

I moved to the UK from Thailand when I was 14 years old. As soon as I was able to string a sentence together, I got myself a part-time job and have been working in some capacity ever since. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked in various sectors from sales, hospitality, leisure, to IT service delivery and as a virtual assistant.

I learned over the years that my character is most suited to a service or a support role. I’ve always been interested in TMI, ‘customer experience’ intrigued me and I had worked for TMI’s MD previously, so after returning from living and working in Thailand a second time, I pursued them for a job, they couldn’t say no and the rest is history!

Being in a support role, I care about the tasks as well as the people.

What I do at TMI

My main roles at TMI are to provide admin and production support to the team, as well as to our clients and their teams. I am also very hands on in supporting projects which involved Service Animals™ and 360° Assessment – two of our key products which I fully believe in and am passionate about. (if you don’t believe me, just ask me all about them and you will definitely be persuaded about their benefits!)

What do I bring to Clients

I believe that I’m someone our clients can trust and rely on to assist them in whichever way is required. Being in a support role, I care about the tasks as well as the people. I understand that it takes all elements, big and small to pull together to achieve a successful project. Clients can expect patience, adaptability and a positive attitude from me.

When I'm not working

I have a dog-daughter called Bella – a Springer Spaniel/Beagle cross my husband and I rescued from the Dogs Trust. She even went travelling for over a year around Thailand with us! Family time is very important to me, so I can usually be found in my mum’s kitchen, out walking with my dog, or drinking G&T in the garden with my husband. I also have a great passion for people and am currently studying for a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.