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Trudy Keith


Trudy Keith

My Experience

An interest in people development and a passion for customer service led me to a long career at British Airways. I never intended to stay so long, but it was such a great place to work, learn and develop, and there were so many varied opportunities that it was hard to leave! During this time I worked in Customer Service, Sales, Training, HR and Commercial, both in frontline and people management roles, in the UK and overseas.  My last role was to lead a global behaviour change programme, which included the introduction of new processes, IT systems, measurement, training, and reward & recognition systems to deliver sustainable change.  I enjoyed this so much that it led me to consider a career in consulting, and having seen TMI’s work in action at BA, decided this would be a great move for me.

What’s important to me is that anything we work on delivers sustainable change that solutions are right for the client, and rooted in reality.

What I do at TMI

I work as a Consultant at TMI, and enjoy turning my hand to anything and everything! You might find me running a co-creation session, designing a workshop, writing customer profiles, delivering training, or working as part of a project team trying to figure out solutions to organisational challenges. I love the flexibility and variety that this work provides. I often work on projects in the Transport sector (Eurostar, Malaysia Airlines, Air Malta) but also enjoy getting to work with completely different sectors – recent projects include Harley Medical Group and Standard Life.

What do I bring to Clients

I have a flexible and adaptable approach, and what’s important to me is that anything we work on delivers sustainable change, that solutions are right for the client, and rooted in reality – not consultancy-speak. I get a buzz out of getting to the heart of what will make a difference to an organisation and its people, and then working to make it a reality. I like to work collaboratively with organisations and with my TMI colleagues, and enjoy being part of a team that is really focused on what its clients need.

When I'm not working

I love to delve into other worlds (not in a spooky way), be it curled up with a good book and a glass of wine, totally engrossed at the theatre, or by the Homeland box set or on a plane about to land somewhere slightly off-beat, or even downright whacky.  I love new places, faces and experiences, and like everyone else at TMI love to people watch. My latest passion is ski-ing which I started just a few years ago – confirming that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!