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Paul Winsper

Creative Services

Paul Winsper

My Experience

After graduating from Sheffield University with a degree in Geography, I guess I should have been destined for a career in teaching. However, not being one for conventionality, 15 years later, and an extensive range of experience under my belt from working in all areas across TMI’s business (and a bit of time cooking Kettle crisps in Sydney – 2 weeks actually, it was really hard work!!), I now find myself bringing together all the creative elements of the TMI brand.

Most frequently asked question: Paul can you make this pretty please?

What I do at TMI

Most frequently asked question: ‘Paul can you make this pretty please?’ hmm, not sure I do ‘pretty’ but I do strive to make all our media and collateral ‘visually aesthetic’ whether it be conference slideshows, pitch presentations, big customer journey maps or materials for workshops we’re running.  I always aim to produce great work, which reflects the quality of the TMI brand.

Also, not wanting to give the creative right side of my brain all the glory, I often give the left side a decent run-out and get involved with the quantitative analysis and report writing of the attitudinal and 360-degree assessments TMI undertake.

What do I bring to Clients

I am very passionate about producing high quality creative work with an attention to detail that borders on, and could be misinterpreted as OCD. Working hard and long hours to meet client expectations is not uncommon, but nothing like sitting back (with the bags under your eyes) and being proud that what you’ve produced has made an event a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

When I'm not working

I love:
Summers (especially world cup ones), festivals, mojitos, haribo (the tangier the better!), steak & kidney pies, Krispy Kreme donuts, playing lots of raketball to counteract the previous indulgences (squash was getting a bit hard on my knees). I live for weekends away, travelling abroad and new experiences. I am also a walking wikipedia on 80’s music and a good addition to any quiz team if this is the only subject!