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Louise Cretton

Consultant and Head of Insight

Louise Cretton

My Experience

I have always been a rather nosey person, keen to find out what people think, why they do the things they do, why they believe this rather than that, so it is no surprise that ,following University, I chose to pursue a career in Market research with NOP . Not satisfied with simply carrying out surveys and conducting focus groups, I wanted to put what I had learnt to good use and my career moved towards a spell in Marketing and then into Advertising at McCann Erickson where I was Board Account Planner on Coca-Cola and Unilever Business for UK and Europe. Responding to the demands of a young family , I applied my practical experience of my industry to lecturing in Advertising, Media and Marketing at Bournemouth University, and thereafter became Director of Marketing for the University itself at the time Higher Education was opening up to a wider audience. By this time I had seen life from various points of view and disciplines, and with experience on my side I was invited to become a Non-executive Director of Pittards plc, a UK leather company - a company that tanned hides and skins and sold them to the likes of Nike, Coach, Louis Vuitton  and Titleist Footjoy. This was a far cry from FMCG and stretched me to understand the pressures of running a manufacturing business and satisfying trade customers. To complement this role I worked as a Board Director at Leapfrog Research and Planning for several years before leaving to take up a more flexible consultancy role.

My philosophy is that research should enliven debate and stimulate sound strategy.

What I do at TMI

I work as a Consultant at TMI as Head of Insight, using my research and strategy skills in an applied way to understand and inform the work TMI does, rooting the recommendations and work programmes in consumer and customer behaviour and beliefs. I am on the Board of the International Journal of Market research and like to think that I am in the vanguard of using innovative methods to research this fast changing world. I love the opportunities for creative thinking that come from a real understanding of human behaviour. I care about creating experiences that express the brand, both for employees and their customers. At TMI I have worked on Eurostar, Heathrow Express, Standard Life, Malaysia Airlines and Stansted Airport amongst others.

What do I bring to Clients

I hope I can create a new perspective through carefully worked research to provide a fresh view of the world through the eyes of consumers, customers and other stakeholders.  Based on insight and understanding, business can be designed to become stronger and more profitable. My philosophy is that research should enliven debate and stimulate sound strategy. It should strengthen judgement.

When I'm not working

I love reading my Kindle, visiting Italy where we have a house where I can cook and relax into the extraordinary pulse of Italian life.