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Liz Taylor


Liz Taylor

My Experience

I started my early career as a graduate trainee in the hospitality industry.  Working on the “front-line” with Imperial Leisure and Mecca Leisure I got a crash-course in delivering excellent service (I have yet to see a better customer satisfaction measurement tool than counting up your tips at the end of a shift!). I then joined an independent marketing agency and spent the next 17 years having the time of my life working in brand strategy, NPD, promotional campaigns and customer insight for clients including Kellogg’s, Coco-Cola, Cadbury and Burger King.

I’ve always been interested in company culture and how this affects people and results.  In 2009 I took time out to study for a Masters in Organisational Psychology. In particular I was interested in how creativity benefits organisations, not just in terms of innovation or problem-solving but how it makes work a whole lot more fulfilling (and fun!).  It was this research that brought me into contact with TMI and I am thrilled to now be part of such a smart, innovative, fun-loving and incredibly professional community.

I come to every project with a passionate desire to learn more than I did before and to help clients do the same.

What I do at TMI

With a background in hospitality, marketing and psychology I can contribute at any stage of a project from initial exploration through to design and delivery of a solution.  Recently I have been involved in developing a new brand platform for a complex, multi-faceted Pharmaceutical organisation and delivering an intensive programme of skills workshops, also in the healthcare sector.

What do I bring to Clients

I consider myself a “learning partner”. I come to every project with a passionate desire to learn more than I did before and to help clients do the same. I try to ask questions which challenge “taken-for-granted” thinking.  Learning, creativity and change are all part of the same process that begins when we look at things from alternative perspectives.  We have to get out of our comfort zone if we want magic to happen!

When I'm not working

I am mum to two school-age daughters who are a constant source of challenge and inspiration.  After many years successfully avoiding any form of physical exercise I took up running in 2004 and I’ve become an annoying health nut (sorry Gillian!) I now do regular 10ks and the odd Triathlon!