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  • Culture Mirror

    Before setting off, it’s important to see how fit and ready you are. So we help you take a good long look in the mirror. We ask some great questions. Are your customers happy? Are your employees happy? Do people in your company understand what a great customer experience means? Do you have what it takes? We listen hard and feed back to you in a way that’s honest, easy to understand and actionable.

  • Horizon Planning

    It’s important to size and scale your ambition… just how stretching do you want your customer experience to be? Sometimes we involve others from outside your organisation – your customers and senior leaders from best practice organisations who will work with you and your top team to envision what your future customer experience might look like, and how it will be differentiated from everyone else.

  • Customer Profiling

    How well do you understand your customers? To what extent are you delivering services that customers truly value, versus what you think they value? Understanding customers is at the heart of every great service organisation. We’ll take your existing customer segmentation data and turn it into convincing pen portraits that bring these people to life, especially their functional and emotional needs when they interact with your organisation. When your people see things from the customer’s perspective, they will create and deliver products and experiences that really matter to them.

  • Experience Mapping

    Still seeing things through your customers’ eyes, we focus on their experience as they interact with your organisation at different stages of their ‘journey’. Our aim is to record the highs and lows of their journey – from their perspective. We note their functional experience, but more importantly we also map their emotional experience. This is often where the hidden gems lie. The insights that inform the difference between a good experience and a great experience.  We can then identify the gap between the current experience and the desired experience, highlight what needs fixing, and where there are opportunities to improve the experience and your revenue.

  • Employee Ethnography

    To what extent do your people have the skills, tools and just as important, but often overlooked, the desire to deliver the kind of experience your customers want? By observing and shadowing your people ‘on shift’, we put ourselves in their shoes and see things from their perspective. We look at skill levels, but also the emotional and cultural drivers of the customer experience at the frontline of your organisation, which means that we can clearly articulate to you the size and scope of the behaviour change required, and what’s getting in the way of delivering a great experience today.

    With all this information you can now begin developing your solutions. Please click here for the next step in the journey.