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  • Co-creating experiences

    We bring together the two sets of people who really understand your current customer experience, your customers and the customer-facing teams who deliver it. We facilitate a session which results in a set of recommendations for behaviours, processes and tools that will improve the overall customer experience that has been generated and endorsed by customers and employees. The real win is that involving your people at this stage means that you get buy-in to change and real engagement with customers.

  • Story Development

    All the ideas will now be pulled together into a cohesive and engaging narrative, which will bring the end-to-end customer experience alive for everyone in the organisation.  This takes the shape of a story, told from the perspective of your customers – the story of their journey with you, and highlighting their feelings and emotions along the way, and explicitly demonstrating how the experience meets their functional and emotional needs.

  • Prototyping and Planning

    This stage of the journey is about making sure that you have a planned approach to what and how to implement… so that it works. We’ll focus on identifying the ‘quick wins’ and the areas that are most important to customers. Prototyping and then piloting experiences with actual customers will give you a sense-check that an experience is not only deliverable but also desirable… in the customer’s eyes. Customer feedback will confirm that you’re on the right track, or help you refine the experience further.

  • Standards Development

    Consistency will be a key challenge when it gets to implementation. Delivering the fantastic experiences you’ve designed the same way every time, so it becomes ‘the way we do things’.  You can help people by being clear about what’s required. This stage is about clearly documenting all the details of the experience so that it can be replicated by everyone. In effect, this is a set of standards which you can also use for measurement and performance measurement purposes.

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