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  • Inspiring Teams

    Your people will be motivated to create great customer experiences when they see the big picture, understand how they fit in, know what they need to do, and feel supported, valued and recognised – by their managers and their customers. That’s why we recommend an engagement programme to do just that. Managers are engaged beforehand to understand their role in communicating, rolemodelling and coaching, to ensure that change sticks. This may be supplemented by specific skills sessions for customer-facing teams.

  • Embedding Toolkits

    It takes time to change behaviours and cultures until they feel like ‘business as usual’, so we will be looking to support both your frontline managers (who are pivotal in driving change) and your frontline staff with a toolkit of tools tailored to your needs. These may include hints and tips, aide memoires, rhythm and routine tools. Without sustainability tools there’s a real danger that after the initial excitement things will fall back to being ‘business as it used to be’.

  • Experience Tracking

    You’ve launched your new Customer experience – but how do you and your teams know if it’s making any difference? It’s essential to embed a culture of measurement into the business, to encourage a sense of progress and action. This stage is about making recommendations for tracking, reviewing and measuring the customer experience, so that you can see what’s working, how people are performing, what your customers think, and how this is impacting the bottom line.

  • Revisiting Experiences

    We’re not at the end of the journey (quite) yet. Defining great customer experiences is not a oneoff event; as the market, your competition and your customers evolve and change, great customerfocused organisations will re-visit the customer experience regularly, adjusting it as necessary, to ensure that it stays fresh and relevant. We facilitate the review process and provide you with a review document with analysis, commentary and recommendations.