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Introduction TMI-Spy Health Winter 2015

Introduction TMI-Spy Health Winter 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of TMI-Spy Health where we once again look at the trends emerging around the world that are shaping the patient, user and customer experience. Research consistently continues to back up the premise that experiences built with the patient at the centre and that involve that patient actively in their care, delivers better outcomes – both clinical and emotional – so in this latest edition, we highlight a range of ideas that we believe do just that – put the patient at the heart of the experience. Some ideas are more commercially oriented than others, some ideas are complex, others are blissfully simple but what unites these ideas is their desire to enhance the lives of people through the way we deal with their health issues.

Unsurprisingly key trends include how we embrace telehealth and general access to healthcare. Telehealth is increasingly providing a viable and effective solution for chronic patients enabling them to stay at home whilst still having access to their doctor. According to Frost and Sullivan, recent telehealth trials in the UK have suggested that “it can reduce mortality by 45% and emergency admissions by 20%, while also improving a patient’s quality of life.”

In our latest edition of TMI-Spy Hotels and Leisure we highlighted the increasing use of robots in the hospitality industry and the same trend is presenting itself in hospitals. It’s early days but robots could really start to play an important part in our lives both at home and in hospitals. It is though, a sad commentary of our society that for some of our elderly and vulnerable, a robot is their best chance of regular human interaction. Perhaps no surprise then that we are increasingly looking to how the community can start to play more of an overt part in caring for its elderly.

We also examine some great examples of physical environments that are both innovative but most importantly, thoughtful, in the way they seek to enhance the patient experience. A section focussed on children, perfectly highlights the warm side of technology and our final section on ‘tools to do the job’ demonstrates once again that the best tools are often the simplest and indeed the cheapest. 

We hope you enjoy the read. We have worked with healthcare providers around the world to look at ways of enhancing their own patient experiences so if you would like to chat to us about how we can help you deliver experiences that are cost-effective and practical whilst at the same time inspiring to deliver and receive – do give us a call – our details are at the back of this report. 

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