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7. Kids Care - TMI-Spy Health Winter 2015

7. Kids Care - TMI-Spy Health Winter 2015

Our section on dementia highlighted the importance of toys – the robotic cat and Paro the seal. Cuddly toys can also play a huge role in assessing the well-being of young children, especially if they are not old enough to respond to health-related questions. Doodle is a soft toy that’s ‘dog-like’ which tracks a child’s health while they are playing with it. Designed by two students at Savannah College of Art and Design in the US, it is able to track a child’s temperature, heart rate, stress levels and sleeping patterns and transmit all this information totheir parent’s smart device. This information becomes hugely useful when visiting a doctor in order to assess key factors and make an accurate diagnosis.

Virtual reality has been a key focus in several of our trendsletters, particularly TMI-Spy Hotels & Leisure. It is great to see it being used here for such a good purpose. Project eMotion is a project by Samsung Italia who are working with young patients of the Santa Maria Goretti Hospital near Rome. In this trial young patients were able to go on a virtual tour of Movieland amusement park where they could ride roller coasters and other thrills. The idea behind this project is to lift a young person’s spirit to put them in the best emotional state for a strong recovery. 

Carlos Arturo Torres was given the brief of reimagining prosthetics for children in a way that would enable them to design and make their own prosthetic limbs. So, Torres has started to collaborate with LEGO and Cirec in Columbia (a company that helps to rehabilitate disabled patients) to develop LEGO-compatible prosthetic arms. The idea is to encourage creative play and technical understanding whilst helping a child increase their self-esteem when interacting with able-bodied children. The only limit appears to be the child’s imagination. Torres was recently awarded the 2015 Core77 Best Open Design Student Honoree and when you take into account the compassion, creativity and wit behind this design, we couldn’t agree more. 

From the highly creative to the beautifully prosaic, we thought we would end this section about a school in Stirling, Scotland. According to a report from the BBC, for three-and-a-half years, all pupils at St Ninians primary have walked or run a mile each day. They do so at random times during the day, apparently happily, and despite the rise in childhood obesity across the UK, none of the children at the school are overweight. This is a significant achievement when you take into account figures from the Health & Social Care Information Centre who report that 1 in 10 children in the UK are obese when they start school.

The daily mile has done so much to improve the children’s fitness, behaviour and concentration in lessons that many nursery and primary schools across Britain are following suit and getting pupils to get up from their desks and take 15 minutes to walk or run round the school or local park. Apparently the only thing that stops them is ice or very heavy rain and contrary to popular opinion, there are quite a few days in the year when running is entirely possible in Scotland! 

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