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Flipping feedback at Gatwick Airport

Flipping feedback at Gatwick Airport

Recently when going through Gatwick Airport security I spotted this great 'Please share your feedback with us...' flip-chart initiative. A flipchart was positioned at the end of every single lane asking travellers for their immediate feedback.

It was such a great and very simple initiative sending various signals:

  • We have a feedback embracing culture.
  • We welcome all views be they good, bad or ugly and are not shy of sharing your thoughts with the world (well, other passengers at least!)
  • We embrace transparency both for travellers and colleagues.

I really liked the simplicity and authenticity of this feedback mechanism allowing for total freedom of expression in an international environment. It gave everyone the choice to respond in their preferred language, deciding on the tone of voice and the writing style. There was also the option to create a conversation by responding to other travellers’ comments, whether by way of an endorsement, a contradiction or even a doodle!

There is also the benefit of the immediacy of the feedback - which enables action straight away - whilst also allowing airport staff to feel good about any praise coming their way. Not to mention the positive comments having a potential halo effect on travellers.

I hung around for a tiny moment to observe how people interacted (yes, so geeky, I know!) and the best moment was when a clearly annoyed mother let something off her chest. After having written it down she looked in a very satisfied way at her family, they all gave her an approving nod and off they went to catch their flight. There was a sense of letting off steam. I thought that this was so clever and possibly one of the biggest benefits of the initiative as she had 'left' her grudge behind on the flipchart and continued her trip with a smile. 


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