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  • By people, for people

    By people, for people

    Great customer experiences are experiences for people which have been designed and delivered, somewhere along the line, by people. At TMI we really understand and know how to get the best out of people – whether they are customers or employees.

  • Making the complex simple

    Making the complex simple

    We like to keep things simple. Organisations are complex enough without us adding to this complexity, and consultancy-speak just isn’t our style.

  • Be better

    Be better

    We’re never satisfied – and we don’t want you to be, either. We get a buzz from constantly pushing ourselves and our customers (in the nicest possible way) to “be better”.

  • Quality in everything we do

    Quality in everything we do

    Does what it says on the tin… and we have the feedback from our customers to prove it.

  • Relentlessly curious

    Relentlessly curious

    Or should we just say ‘downright nosey’! We’ll keep asking “why?” or “what if...”  Sorry. We just can’t help it.

  • GSOH


    Oh dear. Makes us sound like a Lonely Hearts ad. But it’s true.

  • Less telling, more doing

    Less telling, more doing

    We get a kick out of helping you deliver results – not talking about doing it (although we do love the sound of our own voices), so we push hard for action.

  • Shared destiny

    Shared destiny

    We genuinely believe in the idea of partnership. Nothing delights us more than helping you achieve success.