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NHS Midlands and East


We are extremely proud to have worked with several NHS organisations. As part of this we have been involved in many projects to improve the patient and staff experience.

In one Acute Trust setting we worked in the A&E Department, and as a result of one of our recommendations to improve the patient experience in the reception area we saw an uplift in the satisfaction scores across a range of parameters from +6% to +25%.

On one ward, through working with the staff during trials focussed on improving the patient experience on the ward, the staff engagement score reached a high of 4.69 (out of 5) in one week, showing that both staff and patient experience can be improved when focussing on the right things so improving the longer term sustainability. At the same time as improving the staff experience, the FFT score reached a peak, moving from an typical score of around 50, to over 80.

While focussed on tackling the tough ‘discharge’ nut on one ward, the proportion of discharges before 13:00 moved from 10% on average to a 5 week average of 24% with a high of 35% in one week, meaning patients were home ‘in time for lunch’, a key target for that Trust.