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Welcome to TMI. We look forward to inspiring you with what we do, dazzling you with examples of some recent work, and charming you with members of our team.

TMI is rapidly approaching the big 4 0, but we are by no means long in the tooth. Instead we have a maturity and wisdom that comes from having “earned our stripes”. What we haven’t lost along the way is a genuine child-like curiosity – a restlessness that forces us to ask “Why”; “What if we do it this way” or “Why don’t we give it a go”. We’ve also had 4 decades of working with some of the world’s best brands to create fantastic and compelling customer experiences that their customers can’t wait to buy, and that their staff can’t wait to deliver. So we must be doing something right!

Our winning formula balances delivering tangible results and improving the way that people work together and with customers. Why? Because better employee engagement usually means better customer experience; better customer experience often means increased customer engagement and so more revenue. It’s simple really. We like to think, if employees are a little happier, customers become a little happier and the world becomes a slightly happier place to be. Call us sentimental but what’s not to like about that?